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Title arr. Composer Catalog No. Oct. Level Inst/Options
A Child Is Born in Bethlehem arr. Nelson, Susan T. HM01059 3 3 insts.
A Child Is Born in Bethlehem - Inst. Parts arr. Nelson, Susan T. HM01059A inst. parts
A Joyous Morning
Gross, William E. HM01080 2-5 4 opt. chimes
A la Nanita Nana arr. Kellermeyer, David M. HM01029 3 2
A Ringer s Romp
Merrett, Fred A. HM01036 2-3 3
Abide with Me arr. Herbek, Raymond H. HM01012 3 3
Abiding Praise arr. Kellermeyer, David M. HM05013 2 1 w/kybd
Above the Clouds
Merrett, Fred A. HM01050 3 3
Affaire de Coeur
Merrett, Fred A. HM08012 solo w/kybd
Ah, Holy Jesus arr. Kellermeyer, David M. HM01025 4 1
Air for the G String arr. Afdahl, Lee J. HM08011 Trio opt. 4 oct.
aJoita Ring!
Allen, Paul HM01070 5 4
All Hail the Power of Jesus Name arr. Smoke, Gary/Thompson, Peggy HM01001 3-4 3
An Old Irish Air arr. Herbek, Raymond H. HM01038 3 3
Antiphonal Rondo
Phillips, Mary E. HM08010 3-4 2 choirs
Dare, John C. HM03014 3 1
Are You Sleeping, Brother John? arr. Mouton HM08007 Trio
Aria arr. Zabel/Handel HM01030 3 or 5 2
Stephenson, Valerie HM01015 3-5 4
Away in a Manger arr. Thompson, Peggy HM01010 3 2
Be Thou My Vision arr. Smoke, Gary/Thompson, Peggy HM01090 4 2
Nelson, Susan T. HM01046 3 2 opt. inst.
Bell Tower Blues
Moats, William E. HM01052 3-5 3
Blow on the Seashell arr. Herbek, Raymond H. HM01021 3-4 2
Canon of Peace arr. Huff, David HM01028 3 2
Smoke, Gary HM01017 3-4 4
Caribbean Canon
Nelson, Susan T. HM01040 3-5 3 opt. perc.
Chant to the Great Spirit
Dare, John C. HM01076 3 1 Hand drum
Chopsticks and How! arr. Wissinger, Katheleen HM01064 3-5 oct. (2-3 oct) 2+ opt. 2-3 oct.
Christ the Lord Is Risen Today arr. Smoke, Gary HM01002 3-4 3
Christmas Night arr. Kellermeyer, David M. HM05005 2 1 w/kybd
Come, All Christians, Be Committed arr. Herbek, Raymond H. HM01048 3 1
Come, Christians, Join to Sing arr. Herbek, Raymond H. HM01020 2 1
Come, Come, Ye Saints arr. Dare, John C. HM01061 2-3 2
Come, Ye Sinners arr. Warzyn, Jeanne HM01069 3-5 2
Comfort, Comfort Ye My People arr. Warzyn, Jeanne HM01079 4-5 2
Moats, William E. HM05015 3-5 2 flute
Consolation arr. Nelson, Susan T. HM01016 3 2
Nelson, Susan T. HM01022 3 or 5 3 opt. inst.
Creator of the Stars of Night arr. McAninch, Diane HM06005 2 2 ch/pno/voice
Dare, John C. HM03013 3 2
Deck the Halls arr. Smoke, Gary HM01009 3-4 4
Echo Fanfare
Nelson, Susan T. HM08002 3 or 5 2 2 choir/org
Eight Bells a Ringing arr. Smoke, Gary HM08024

El Nino Jesus arr. Kellermeyer, David M. HM01035 4 2
Elation arr. Herbek, Raymond H. HM08003 2 2 ens.
Fanfare and Voluntary on Miles Lane arr. Childers, Brian D. HM01083 3 2
Fantasy on Go Down, Moses arr. Mitchell, Kirtsy HM08016 ens.
Merrett, Fred A. HM01018 3-5 3
Felim s Little Boat arr. O Kelly, Niamh HM01047 2 2
Festival Day
Dare, John C. HM03002 3 2
Festive Entry
Moats, William E. HM01045 3-5 2
Finlandia arr. Mitchell, Kirtsy HM05007 ens ens, vln or fl.
Five Folksongs from Around the World arr. Herbek, Raymond H. HM02001 3 1/2
Follow the Star arr. Moats, William E. HM01058 3-5 3-
Four Spirituals for Three Octaves arr. Kellermeyer, David M. HM02004 3 2
Funeral March of a Marionette (Flute Parts) arr. Pearce, Ann C. HM05006A 4 fl. parts
Funeral March of a Marionette (Full Score) arr. Pearce, Ann C. HM05006 3 score
Funeral March of a Marionette (Handbell Part) arr. Pearce, Ann C. HM05006B 3 hb. part
Fuzzy Logic
Pfitzinger, Scott HM01068 2 3+
Gems from Germany arr. Merrett, Fred A. HM08004 solo w/kybd (ens)
God Is Working His Purpose Out arr. Stephenson, Valerie HM01024 3-6 3
Mitchell, Kirtsy HM09001 2 2 HB & narrator
Good Christian Men, Rejoice arr. Smoke, Gary/Thompson, Peggy HM05001 3-4 3
Greensleeves arr. Nelson, Susan T. HM05010 solo guitar
Guided by the Star
Moats, William E. HM01066 3 2 ens. opt.
Hand in Glove Christmas Set 1 arr. Smoke, Gary HM08013 ens.
Hand in Glove Christmas Set 2 arr. Smoke, Gary HM08014 ens.
Hand in Glove, Americana arr. Smoke, Gary HM08018 ens.
Hand in Glove, Hymn Vol. 1 arr. Smoke, Gary HM08019 ens.
Hand in Glove, Hymns Vol. 2 arr. Smoke, Gary HM08025

Handbells Are a Handful of Fun! Christmas Vol. 1 arr. Thompson, Peggy HM04003 2,2-1/2,3 1
Handbells Are a Handful of Fun! Christmas Vol. 2 arr. Thompson, Peggy HM04006 2,2-1/2,3 2
Handbells Are a Handful of Fun! Vol. 1 arr. Thompson, Peggy HM04001 2,2-1/2,3 1
Handbells Are a Handful of Fun! Vol. 2 arr. Thompson, Peggy HM04002 2,2-1/2,3 1
Handbells Are a Handful of Fun! Vol. 3 arr. Thompson, Peggy HM04004 2,2-1/2,3 2
Handbells Are a Handful of Fun! Vol. 4 arr. Thompson, Peggy HM04005 2,2-1/2,3 2
Hark, I Hear the Harps Eternal arr. Nelson, Susan T. HM01071 5-6 3
He Leadeth Me arr. Mallory, Ron HM01073 3-5 2
How Firm a Foundation arr. Mitchell, Kirtsy HM05008 ens ens, vln or fl.
Hush-a-Bye arr. Nelson, Susan T. HM01072 3 2
Hymns of Praise: Music for 12 Bells arr. Good, Judy HM08021 ens.
I m New Born Again arr. Merrett, Fred A. HM01082 2 2
I've Got Peace Like a River arr. Smoke, Gary HM01088

Moats, William E. HM01081 3-5 2
In Green Pastures
Mitchell, Kirtsy HM01063 3-5 2
In the Bleak Midwinter arr. Warzyn, Jeanne HM06003 3-4 2 voice or inst.
Indonesian Impressions
Nelson, Susan T. HM01019 5 3
Infant Holy, Infant Lowly arr. Kellermeyer, David M. HM01034 4 2
Jericho Road
Dare, Carol R. HM03001 3 1
Jesus Loves Me arr. Thompson, Peggy HM01005 2-3 1
Jig Fugue arr. Nelson, Susan T./Buxtehude HM01031 4 or 5 5
Jingle Bells (Flutes and Bells) arr. Pearce, Ann C. HM05002 4 ens., 4 fls.
Jockey at the Fair arr. O Kelly, Niamh HM01053 3 3
Joy to the World arr. Mitchell, Kirtsy HM01023 2-1/2-3 2
Joyful Day
Mitchell, Kirtsy HM03004 2-3 2
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence arr. Moats, William E., William E. HM01044 3-5 2
Let Us Break Bread Together arr. Kellermeyer, David M. HM01078 3 1
Let Vibrate
Prins, Mathew HM01085 2-4 2
Lo, How a Rose E er Blooming arr. Smoke, Gary HM01008 3-4 3
Lord of All Creation
Herbek, Raymond H. HM03008 3 1
Meditation on Ah, Holy Jesus arr. Prins, Mathew HM01086 2-3 1
Meditation on Carol of the Bells arr. Thompson, Peggy HM01087

Minuet from Berenice arr. Benton, Robin/Handel HM05016 3 2 inst.
Morning Chimes
Dare, John C. HM03003 3 1
Morning Has Broken arr. Smoke, Gary HM01091 4 1
Mountain Sunrise
Dare, John C. HM03005 3 1
My Shepherd Will Supply My Need arr. McAninch, Diane HM01026 2 2
McAninch, Diane HM02002 2 2
Noel Nouvelet arr. McAninch, Diane HM01027 2 2
O Come, Little Children arr. Nelson, Susan T. HM05011 solo guitar
O Come, O Come, Emmanuel arr. Smoke, Gary HM06002 3 1 unis. or inst
O Perfect Love arr. Warzyn, Jeanne HM01057 4 2-
O Sacred Head, Now Wounded arr. Smoke, Gary HM01004 3-4 3
O Sing a Song of Bethlehem arr. Childers, Brian D. HM01067 3-5 3
O Sons and Daughters arr. McAninch, Diane HM01042 2 2
On to Jerusalem
Dare, Carol R./Dare, John C. HM03011 3 2
Panis Angelicus arr. Nelson, Susan T. HM05004 2 solo, kybd, fl.
Peaceful Bells
Dare, John C. HM03012 3 2
Praise to the Lord arr. Smoke, Gary HM01014 4 3
Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven arr. Smoke, Gary HM01055 3-4 2+
Thomspon, Peggy HM01007 3-4 2
Moats, William E. HM01051 5 3
Providence, Creation, Comfort, and Assurance arr. Kellermeyer, David M. HM02003 2 2
Quiet Communion
Merrett, Fred A. HM01011 3-5 3
Kellermeyer, David M. HM01033 4 1
Rhythmic Fanfare
Wissinger. Kathleen HM01075 4-6 3
Ring Praise to God
Childers, Brian D. HM01054 3 3
Rise Up, Shepherd, and Follow arr. Afdahl, Lee J. HM01039 2-3 2
Sans Souci
Merrett, Fred A. HM01049 2 2
Saturn s Ring
Moats, William E. HM05014 5 4 flute
Silent Night arr. Nelson, Susan T. HM05012 solo guitar
Sinfonia arr. Huff, David HM01043 3 2
Sonata No. 1
Smoke, Gary HM01006 3-5 5
Song of Celebration
Dare, John C. HM03006 3 2
Songs from the Open Range arr. Merrett, Fred A. HM08005 solo w/kybd (ens)
Spirit Lake
Dare, John C. HM03010 3 1
Spirited Spirituals arr. Merrett, Fred A. HM08001 solo n/a w/kybd (ens)
Steadfast Love
Moats, William E. HM05003 3-5 2 flute
Still, Still, Still arr. Warzyn, Jeanne HM06004 3-4 2 voice or inst.
Symbols and Strivings
Herbek, Raymond H. HM08008 solo
Testament of Grace
Moats, William E. HM01084 3-5 2
Thanks Be to Thee arr. Nelson, Susan T./Handel HM01013 3 2 opt. inst.
The Blue Fountain arr. Afdahl. Lee J. HM01060 3-5 4
The Holly and the Ivy arr. Moats, William E. HM01065 3-5 2
The Pearl Fishers arr. Merrett, Fred A. HM01037 3-5 2
This Is My Father s World arr. Thompson, Peggy HM01003 3 2
Three Handbell Duets arr. Herbek, Raymond H. HM08009 duet unacc.
Through the Cloven Skies
Dare, Carol R. HM03007 3 2 opt. G3
Tongues of Fire
Dare, Carol R. HM03009 3 1
Tre Regali
Wissinger. Kathleen HM01077 3-6 4 opt. ch
Trumpet Tune arr. Huff, David/Vivaldi HM01032 2 2
Tunes for Twelve! arr. Benton, Robin HM08023 ens
Twas in the Moon of Wintertime arr. Mallory, Ron HM01074 2 2
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star arr. Mouton HM08006 duet
Two Handbell Duets arr. Blees, Willem HM08017 duet unacc.
Two Quartets arr. Nelson, Susan T. HM08022 ens.
Wexford Carol arr. O Kelly, Niamh HM01056 2 3
What Child Is This? arr. Phillips, Mary E. HM01041 2 1
Whispering Winds
Merrett, Fred A. HM08015 solo w/kybd
With this Ring
Moats, William E. HM06006 3-5 2 voice, flute

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